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February 23, 2007 mc536kylie

For the first week of directed study for the Music Online class I had to research into what different music topics exist. I brainstormed a few ideas and then researched online to see examples of these music industries and to see how they each work as a business. Below are the music topics that I researched into:·        Advertising: Music is promoted in a number of different ways across the internet such as using banners, emails and social networking. A lot of people make their music available for others to listen to online, such as on the website ·        Downloading Music: This can be done in a variety of different ways; people can use peer to peer software such as Limewire to download music which is illegal against the major record companies or they can download music with a particular fee per month such as using Yahoo music. There are major copyright issues with downloading music online.·         Shopping: There are a variety of different websites where by you can buy music from, many people are regular users of these websites as they are sometimes much cheaper than buying music in shops, such as using the website·        Fan sites: Fan sites provide information to the public about a particular solo artist or group, for example on the website you can listen to her music and watch videos, the website also promotes her tour dates and you can also sign up to the fan club. ·        Forums and chat rooms: Regarding that you follow particular rules anyone can take part in a forum that discusses a particular area about music. Examples of forums can be found on Chat rooms allow people to use instant messaging to discuss music. ·        Festivals and concerts: There are many websites online to raise awareness about festivals and concerts that are taking place; an example of this is on the website This website also allows people to buy tickets online.·        Education online: Music is available online for educational reasons, for example on the website children can play games to learn more about music and rhythm.  ·        Radio: People can listen to radio live on the internet; the website allows people to do this. ·        Music magazines: The website informs people about news in the music world, tickets available and even provides reviews about albums. ·        Lyrics: On the website people can search through an a-z listing to search for particular songs lyrics. There are five major record companies that produce and distribute music to the public they are:·        Sony·        BMG·        EMI·        Warners·        UniversalThere are a variety of different jobs that are related to music online, below are some examples:·        Production·        Finance·        Legal business affairs·        Creative services·        Marketing·        Purchasing·        sales


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