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Independant Music Promotion

I read an article online about how a website is helping independent bands get songs noticed without a charge by allowing artists to copy and paste a personalized ring tone code into any forum, blog or website. This website makes it quick and easy to distribute songs to the public. The songs can be streamed online, this is a good means of getting a song noticed because then if people like it they will maybe download it and receive it as a ring tone. People will maybe promote the song through word of mouth.  

‘BETA Records actively finds, produces, and showcases unsigned artists to the and distributes content to fans via digital channels.’ 

For more information you can click on these links:


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Music Promotion

There are three major principles when thinking about marketing something, they are: 

  • What are you trying to say?
  • Who are you trying to say it to?
  • In what way should you say it?

Music promotion is available in many different types of mediums. Some examples that we discussed in our Music Online class are: 

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Sponsorship
  • Films
  • Magazines
  • Shops
  • Clubs/Bars/Festivals/concerts/
  • Mailing Lists
  • Buskers
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Books
  • Word of mouth
  • Newspapers
  • The charts

These mediums in some form can all be transformed to be available to people online, even though they differ in some ways. I focused on magazines as an example to promote music. A magazine that is available online as well as off is called NME. The disadvantages with magazines being available online is that you cannot carry it around with you such as travelling on the bus, as well as this you cannot cut out pictures from the magazine. Advantages include that you do not have to go out the house and you do not have to pay any money to receive the magazine. Also you can easily search what it is that you have interest in and want to read. You can also keep hold of the magazine by storing it somewhere on your computer and if you like particular images you can print them off.

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Users can listen to music via the internet by it being streamed. Streaming is seen as the delivery method; it is the way of getting music heard by distributing it to customers. Music can be streamed live; for example customers can listen to radio live via the internet. This gives customers a sense of being involved in the atmosphere as to what is happening at that particular moment in time. As well as this it can be streamed on demand; such as websites that promote bands normally have a play list of songs where a user can pick and choose which one to play. Streaming music is useful as it promotes a particular song to customers. I almost see it as a sense of trying to see if you like it and then if you do, you have the choice to buy or download the song. Streaming on demand means that a song is available as many times as you want it to be; people may be annoyed with keep having to go on a particular website to listen to a song so this may encourage someone to buy or download it. Word of mouth is a good means of promotion and with streaming people are likely to inform friends of particular things they have listened to, meaning that other people will visit particular websites to listen to it which promotes a song even more.

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Promoting concerts and buying tickets

I found an article online about how a website has started to take a new approach to promoting concerts and buying tickets online to help musicians, venues and show promoters connect with live music fans. The website doesn’t need the user to buy any software and no hardware is required. Showclix tries to win over competition by not charging a fee for buying tickets: ‘Unlike competitors, who charge customers a service fee on each ticket purchased, ShowClix has chosen to charge a single $2.00 service fee on each order of 10 tickets or fewer.’ This is a very good selling point as customers would be happier that they have not been charged any unnecessary amounts for buying tickets. A partner at ShowClix states that ‘Domination in the ticketing industry has limited the opportunities for smaller venues and emerging artists to pre sell tickets to their shows online.’ This is useful to the artists as there is more ways of them promoting themselves to get a wider fan base who will hopefully book tickets to see shows. On the website customers can search for show listings, forward show listing to friends (which is used as a way to promote artists to more and more people.) It can also allow users to receive updates on any search enquiry via RSS feeds. As well as buying tickets for shows ShowClix has developed widgets that make it easy for users to display selected shows on their website, MySpace profile or blog.This website has a lot with getting artists noticed in aid to promote their shows and it is more convenient to buy tickets as it is cheaper than when you have to pay an additional charge for buying online. It is useful to customers as they can receive information on what they are interested in to save time. I think it is a very good way of buying tickets as customers will always be pleased to visit and use this service again as there is no price for purchasing the tickets.

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